Tips for Trips


Šiklův mlýn
Western city of Šiklův mlýn full of fun and attractions including regular events.


Haunted Castle of Draxmoor in Dolní Rožínka


Pernštejn Castle
The most beautiful Czech castle which you certainly know from numerous fairy tales


Outdoor Domanín
Enjoy adventure in the high ropes park near Bystřice!


Vírská Lake
Where do the residents get drinking water from? Take the road to see the lovely valley of the Svratka River with this dominating feature!



Ruins of Zubštejn, Aueršperk, Pyšolec CastlesRuins of Zubštejn, Aueršperk, Pyšolec Castles


Vítochov Chapel and Karasín Outlook Tower


Interesting Natural Monuments 
Hraběcí stolec Outlook Tower, Valley of the Chlébský potok creek, Trnkova chine - Bobrůvka stream, Monument of the Last Shot Wolf by Lísek



Attractive Walking and Cycling Paths 
A network of ten cycling paths of Zubří stezky, a cycling path along the Bystřice River, a cycling path to the Domanínský pond, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem is situated on the long-distance cycling path No. 1;  walkers can use the paths leading to the ruins of the Aueršperk, Pyšolec or Zubštejn castles and others.  (for more information, read the brochures available in the local information centre, or at the EDEN Centre cash desk)



Partners of the project

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